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Mission Statement

 The Leon County Emergency Management Agency stands ready to RESPOND to incidents when they occur, PREPARE for future threats that may develop, direct RECOVERY programs to save life and property and reduce local threats through MITIGATION programs

Our goal at the Leon County Emergency Management department is the protection of lives and property of Leon County citizens.

Are you prepared for the possible emergencies we face in this section of the country? Navigate our Disaster pages by clicking on our links on the menu above to read about important information about various disasters, what to do in the event of one, and most importantly, how to be prepared for them.

Training is essential for an effective disaster response.  Our fire fighters, police officers, and EMS are very good at handling emergencies and crisis situations.  However, when disaster strikes on a large scale, extraordinary measures are needed to manage our resources and deal with situations that are not normally part of our daily functions.  This is where training becomes very important.  The Office of Emergency Management works with the city and county agencies to identify and coordinate appropriate training opportunities.

The Emergency Operations Plan

The Office of Emergency Management takes an “all hazards” approach to disaster management which is reflected in our disaster plan.  The plan is made up of several components that include the Basic Plan.  It is the job of the Office of Emergency Management to gather the local experts in these areas to write, regularly review, and when necessary update the basic plan.

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Any county residents who would like to add their cell phones or email address to the reverse 911 can go to our CodeRed page and add them.

 For those without computer access registration may be completed by giving you information to Leon County Emergency Management at 903-536-4407

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